Friday, 22 April 2016

Microstrip Antenna

Microstrip Antenna :

It is also called “patch antennas” as shown in figure.

▪ One of the most useful antennas at microwave frequencies (f  > 1 GHz).

▪ It consists of a metal “patch” on top of a grounded dielectric substrate.

The patch may be in a variety of shapes, but rectangular and circular are the most common

Advantages of Microstrip Antennas:

➢ Easy to fabricate (use etching and photolithography).

➢ Easy to feed (coaxial cable, Microstrip line, etc.) .

➢ Easy to use in an array or incorporate with other Microstrip circuit elements.

➢ Patterns are somewhat hemispherical, with a moderate directivity (about 6-8 dB is typical).

➢ Light weight, smaller size and lesser volume

Disadvantages of Microstrip Antennas:

➢ Low bandwidth

➢ Low efficiency

➢ Low gain

Article by
St.Mary's Group
ECE Dept.

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